RV A/C Repair in San Diego

RV Specialists has the tools, training, personnel, and experience to handle all your air conditioning repairs. From simple routine maintenance to major repairs we are qualified to work with all types of roof, dash and basement model air conditioning systems.

Your air conditioning unit should be checked and cleaned annually to insure it is operating correctly and efficiently when needed.

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RV AC Repair San Diego

Air Conditioning – Roof, Basement, or Dash:

  • Service
  • Repairs
  • Charging
  • Coil Condendser
  • Heat Strips
  • Leak Detection
  • New Installation
  • Basement AC Repair / Installation
  • RV AC Cleaning
  • Filter Replacement
  • New Installation
  • Dash AC Repair
  • … And More

RV Specialists Tip

RV AC Service San Diego

What Type Of Maintenance Does My RV Air Conditioner Require?

If you are running your roof air conditioning on a regular basis you will need to clean the filters at least every two weeks. Continuing to run your air conditioning with clogged or dirty filters will decrease the flow of air that goes across the cooling coil, eventually causing the coil to freeze up.

Once a year you should remove the shroud from the roof air conditioner and clean the coils. This can be done with compressed air blowing from the inside out or wash them off with water.